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Do you have an interest in cruise? If so, then this is your platform. Especially created for -potential- guests and for those who work-or would like to work- in this industry.

Welcome on board of ’Cruise info’: 8 themes with related documents and more than 80 sources are waiting for you; Have a good voyage!

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An introduction to the cruise line industry and an introduction to the other 7 themes. This introduction will also give you an impression of the concept of the website.


Selecting a cruise

At first cruise ships look the same, but there are huge differences. Important information to select the right cruise. Choosing the wrong cruise line can ruin your holiday

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Cruise Experience

Theme about what you might experience during a cruise vacation. Be careful, a cruise vacation might become an addiction.



There are more than 1000 destinations all over the world; holiday destinations, scenic destinations, exotic destinations. Where would you like to go?



Before a cruise ship can sail, a lot of things need to be organized. This theme provides you information about the operations on the ship and operations shore side.


Working in the cruise industry

The industry offers a lot of job opportunities. Something for you? Due to new builds and expansion of the industry to other regions.....


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Ate de Groot

I teach Cruise Management since 2006 to BA degree students. My background is Business Economics and Strategic Management.

The cruise industry seems to have a lot of similarities with the hospitality industry. I can assure you that there are quite some differences which are worthwhile looking into. The information on this platform, might be useful for when you want to book a cruise or if you are looking for a job within the cruise industry.

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Stijn Visser - AMD at Norwgian Cruise Line

EDESdp Cruise Info is truly a great contribution to the cruise industry. It provides a perfect overview of all the necessary information needed to be knowledgeable about cruising. An excellent resource for (future) cruise employees! Read more

Sharon Hilferink

EDESdp Cruise Info is a very clear, informative and convenient website for everyone with an interest in the cruise industry. It provides structured into depth knowledge about the industry and it's environment. Read more

Kevin Meijer

EDESdp Cruise Info is a great platform for everybody who has a connection to the cruise industry. From guests to employers, it provides a great insight related to all the aspects of this great industry! Read more